Recovery Potions

HP/SP Recovery Potions

Choosing a right HP and SP recovery potions are very important especially for MVP Killers. Guillotine Cross is a melee class, it always has to tank the MVP. HP Potion is important to make you surviving and tanking a MVP.

HP Recovery Potions

12027.png Giggling Box (Restores 9% of Maximum HP, but has a 30% chance to get you Curse for 30 seconds) (It has short cool down but you will have chance to get cursed. That's why it is good to use 526.png Royal Jelly to cure abnormal status) [Recommended]

522.png Mastela Fruit (Recovers a great amount of HP) (It has short cool down and lighter. So that you can carry a lot)

SP Recovery Potions

526.png Royal Jelly (Cures every abnormal status; Recovers HP & SP) (It has short cool down, recover HP & SP and cure every abnormal status. Good partnership with 12027.png Giggling Box) [Recommended]

505.png Blue Potion (A potion made from ground Blue Herbs that restores about 60 SP)

Emergency HP & SP Recovery Potions

32008.png Yggdrasil Berry (Fully restores HP and SP but 3 minutes cool down) (Sometimes using 12027.png Giggling Box may not fast enough for you to fully heal yourself. For emergency use this to fully restore HP & SP)

608.png Yggdrasil Seed (Restores one half of Maximum HP and SP.)

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